Entry: Paradise... Found! Monday, January 05, 2004

We had heard from many a traveller that the most picturesque place in Goa was Palolim Beach. Eager to leave our current abode behind we decided to book a cab and head south. Alistair had to say good bye to his moped which i am sure will please his mum no end!

After a 3 hour journey through mountains and paddy fields we finally arrived at what i can only describe as the most beautiful place i have ever seen. The guide book says that Palolim beach is the place that people dream of coming to when they have saved enough money to pack up and chill out - and i can see what they mean it has everything you could ever wish for.

Palolim is a kilometer long bay lined with palm trees, cocohuts (bamboo huts on stilts) and chilled out bars. The place is also beutiful because of the people and the culture it promotes- it has a community feel and is frequented by indian as well as foriegn travelers.

Alistair loves the indigenous crabs that cover the beach and i am more of a fan of the fresh seafood (150-180 rupees for a King Fish/Pomfrit/Red snappers etc. etc. as long as my finger to my elbow - thats a couple of pounds for a meal for one!). However, i did manage to get him to eat a lobster actually out of the shell!!!! - wish i had tried him on something cheaper first as i think he is hooked.

We also ran into Zoe (who we met in Vienna) and her friend Lisa (here for a two week stay) -who introduced us to another now dear friend - dark rum and coke

Incidently we are staying in one of the cocohuts with a sea view and a balcony for 300 ruppes a night (under 4 pounds between us). Not that I get to spend any time on the balcony as Alistair has bagsied it as his prime game boy position!


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