Entry: Hair today.... Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Well I know I've been talking about it for months, but today it actually happened. Ive gone down to a grade 2 all over my head and I have to say I dont know what I was worried about. Kate says it makes me look younger too. The unforseen problem is now that I seem to be getting sun burn on my scalp... Are you supposed to put sun cream on it? I just dont know.

I digress

Anyway- I also took the opportunity to go for a proper shave. They dont actually use proper cut throats here any more, they have blades that look like cut throats but they actually take razor blades- hygene I guess... So on with the shave.. It's a whole process involving face massage, hot towels, and about three going overs with the razor. At the end your skin is feeling quite sore so they have a bar of menthol/oil stuff that cools it down. My skin was really red so the guy went to fridge and came back with a red bull- i went to take it thinking that I could do with a drink when he started rubbing it all over my face. I think it was actually frozen- the upshot was that it got rid of the sore skin, but I had the worst case of brain freeze of my life.

The shave itself was so close i didnt need to shave for 2 days... Must do that again.

So after the success of the short hair- Im now considering a grade one. (Kate is also thinking about it!! :-S )

Back to the beach!!


January 13, 2004   02:45 PM PST
Hey guys! Tweeny, advice for the day is 'don't have your head shaved', no matter how drunk you get - it may be hot out there but you're just meant to wear less clothes! Keep the updates coming, want to hear more, more, more!!
al, advice for the day is 'don;t let Kate get he head shaved!'
Big kisses and hugs and squeezes
Fanny xx
p.s. are you checking your email at all? I have some gossip for you...

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