Entry: Not quite Delhi! Sunday, December 28, 2003

First of all THANKS to everyone who helped get us on the road- Marcus, Sarah, Scott, Elle, Barry, Sue and anyone else who's name I havent mentioned (I'd also like to thank god!)

We got to the airport on time and one the plane in one piece and that is where things started to go wrong... Fog over Vienna! The plane wasdelayed by about 2 hours so when we got to Vienna we had missed our connection to Delhi... What an arse!!! We hot footed it to the terminal and got in the queue for the service center.

Actually queue is a little strong- more like mass of angry people- with very little in the understanding of Personal Space...

During this time we met a girl called Zoe who was also supposed to be getting to Delhi. So there we were - in a maul of people- having had no/little sleep - after about 10 minutes no one had moved when I was struck by inspiration.

There must be a booking office in the departures hall of the airport-surely they could rebook our tickets? So after making sure we could get back in to get our bags- and convincing Kate and Zoe that I was not in fact insane we LEFT THE QUEUE.

Sure enough there was no queue in the at the booking office and we were done in a matter of minutes. With- I might add- a certain amout of smugness :-)

So into vienna! First stop was the hotel - only 80 euros (where is the euro key on the keyboard???) and exploring the city. We had vienerschnitsel (spelling?) and soup and that managed to find the Freud museum- I think Kate enjoyed it but after no sleep it was a little much for me...

Back to the hotel and a short sleep we awoke refreshed and ready for more food and beer- so when in Vienna what food/drink do you obviously go for? Sushi and sake obviously.. Still it was cheap and a nice way to finish the day.

Finally a full 8 hours sleep!


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Al (AKA Bear)-Al & Ruth -
January 5, 2004   12:13 PM PST
"Scams" - there are many ways in the Mother of all continents to direct the white person to an early grave. Some are indeed scams - meant to lighten your obviously heavy purse in a place where the weekly wage is but a couple of quid.
However, most (as with room service) are simply the result of the mysterious, mystic mantra that explains all - "TII" - whose esoteric meaning is ""This is India" - of course, ticket offices are closed when you need to buy a ticket, etc.
Roll with it or suffer is the lesson for today my children. Accept that you will be late for everything, reservations will always be cancelled, no one will ever have heard of you ... after all, does it really matter in the great cosmic mandala?
Love and all the best from the Bear.

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