Entry: Delhi! Monday, December 29, 2003

Made it! God what a scary airport! You get there and are confronted by a sea of people all trying to get you attention and carry your bags for a tip (here's a tip- I can carry my own bloody bag!)... Plus this was the first time I had seen a 'squat' toilet and the dreaded jug... Lets not think about that yet...

Anyway- where was I? Ah yes the airport... Delhi- india- what are you not expecting? Cold temperatures and fog? Bingo! In the taxi we couldnt see beyond about 10 meters- and the air was so poluted it is hard to describe.

We struck up a conversation with the taxi guy and arranged for a tour the next day - a taxi for the whole day for 800 rupees. Thats about 10 quid, I thought that was a good deal, but this was the first of many scams.


There seems to be no taxi tarrif- they look at you and give you a price based on how much of a sucker they thinks you are. Also, if they know you are desperate they will demand more money on route or deliberatley drop you at the wrong terminal.
Scam Rating 5/10

Anyway got to the hotel at 10:30pm ordered room service and crashed- looking forward to a day of discovery tomorrow.


You order room service when it arrives one item is missing, so you call down and explain the problem- they return with said item and are very appologetic. Later when checking out you notice that the item has been charged for twice.
Scam Rating 2/10

More scams to follow!


paket umroh jakarta
January 10, 2015   07:38 PM PST
January 2, 2004   06:16 PM PST
Wonderful to speak to you both on NYE and VERY jealous of temperature. Went to I on G - nobody there and no tequila offered either! Saw new year in very quietly and of course watched Simon and Garfunkel (21st time). HAPPY NEW YEAR - what a 2004 to look forward to - when you've left Delhi behind for good!! Much love xxx

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