Entry: All about Delhi Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The taxi showed up and we were introduced to Singh - a very polite chap with a spectacular beard- henna'd to the max. We got in the cab and at last saw delhi by day.. Saw might be a bit much- since it was still foggy. The first stop was a temple- we got out of the cab and instantly were beset by hawkers. One guy was selling a book of postcards- I wasnt interested and walked off.


Steet sellers will try to sell you things for a rediclous price. To illustrate, the postcard book began at 300 rupees and droped in price as I walked off. He got as low as 80 before he gave up...

Scam Rating 1/10

The temple was beautiful- all white marble and statues. It was quite serene- especially compared to the chaos outside. I was walking past a statue of Krishna and this little guy asked me to bend down- he said 'good luck' and put a red spot in the middle of my forehead. Lovely.

Other highlights included the ancient observatory which is basically a huge sun dial that had been turned into a mosque.


We were offered a english speaking guide which would cost 5 dollars. He did a great job- explaining everything and the history, then when I came to pay I only had a 20 dollar bill. He offered to give me my change in rupees- which seemed fine, but Im not so good at maths on the fly so when we actually worked it out he'd TOTALLY short changed us... D'oh!

Scam Rating 2/10 (just plain lazy!)

Any way it was getting towards the end of the day so we diecided to get back to the hotel and recouperate before the evening. We paid off Singh and after an hour or so explored the Connaught Area (equivalent to oxford street in london I think).

Turns out that every restaurant in the Lonley Planet guide book no longer exists and we couldnt find any suitable alternative so we ate dinner in the hotel- not quite the first curry in india experience I'd been hoping for!

Goa Tommorrow!!!! :-)


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