Entry: New Years Eve Wednesday, December 31, 2003

So after all our experiences in Delhi we were eager to get to Goa, the sun, beaches and hopefully more fun.

We worked our way thru Delhi domestic airport (played the tallness card again and got an exit row!!) and made it to Goa via Mumbai for about 3pm. With a transfer we were in the hotel and ready to leave for about 7.30ish.

Remember Zoe? She got to Goa the day before and we'd arranged to meet up for this meal- consisting of the biggest tiger prawns you've ever seen. I ordered soft shell crabs and what i actually got was hard shell crabs (four of them). I had a little trouble with them ( you know my problem with bones/fish and all that) so I made do with the prawns and chessy mash (which is big out here for some reason).

About 11pm we got down the the beach and the drinking began in earnest- at midnight bonfires sprang up all over the beach and fireworks went off. Cant really describe what it was like - Magical is probably the best I can come up with.

After this we got in some cabs with a bar owner we had met thru Zoe and went off to a 'Trance Rave'. Sounded good. Took us about an hour in a cab to get there and we needed tourches to find the place after that.

My first impression was that it was predominantly male, then predominantly indian. My second was that it was ALL male and ALL indian. Needless to say Kate got ALOT of attention. Basically there were ten guys- in military precision. 2 would distract me.. 'happy new year!', 'fancy a smoke?' etc whilst the others were pouncing on kate- and I mean pounce!.

Anyway at some point we decided that it wasnt really for us and went back to the beach- the taxi guys decided to inflate all their prices by a factor of 10 and much argument ensued- anyway we woke up the next day on our beds- covered in sand and with the hangovers from hell!!

Heared about a new scam...


You are walking thru a market when a guy comes up to you and appears to look in your ear. This happens about 4 or five times. On the last time he reaches into you ear and pulls out a stone (which he put there during one of the previous 'looks). He then requests a tip for his efforts

Scam Rating 8/10 (my favourite so far!)


January 6, 2004   06:32 PM PST
Sorry about the bones thing Alistair!!
Elephant OK!
Happy new year AGAIN and great to hear your thoughts.
Sue/Mum xxxx

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