Entry: Meeting the X Friday, January 02, 2004

We had two tasks today. First, find a new place to stay- as our original booking ended after tonight. Second, meet up with Chris and Rea and go clubbing.

To accomplish the first task we hopped in a cab to Anjuna. Famed for its hippie commnunity and cheap prices we thought it would be an excellent spot to spend afew days. On arrival we found a great little restaurant over looking the cliffs and ocean and finally managed to get an authenic indian curry (less than 3 quid for all we could eat/drink, we liked that).

We looked around afew guest houses- from the downright scary to less scary. Its amazing how your standards shift as you see how bad it could be. So we found this place, haggled them down to 500 rupees per night and left with a job well done.

A NOTE ON THE GUEST HOUSE- double bed, which we would share with thousands of other occupants (thank god for the silk bed liners kate bought us), an en suite bathroom with flushing toilet, and a set of walls that didnt quite meet the ceiling, which by the way was hanging with cobwebs... From four star luxury to this... Well, in for a penny...

Back to Calangute (where we were staying) and getting ready for Chris/Rea. We met them in the worst restaurant we had been to (2 and a half hours to get served and also seperatley!) purely because it was the best/only landmark we could think of. Incidentally called the Midas Touch, steeped in gold and indian country & western singers (not kidding!!!).

So the big meeting. It went very well- conversation flowed freely as did the alcohol. Chris had hired a taxi for us all night and we headed back into Anjuna to check out the night life. First club was 'Club Cubana', cover price 700 for men and 500 for women (hate that!) but all drinks were free once inside and they had a pool, gardens, many dance floors and moroccan chill out areas.

We stayed for a couple of hours which was long enough for me to meet this sweedish guy who knew more about the premiership than I did! What is it about our football that has the rest of the world so facinated?

Next club- Paradiso. Kate and Chris had been here before and raved about it. It's built into a cliff face in caves- and it's on three levels. The music is Goan Trance and everything is UV- so dandruff is out.

The evening ended about 4am and a very tired taxi guy dropped us back home.


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I think your standards haven't finished dropping yet!!

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