Entry: Trifle Bazzar Saturday, January 03, 2004

Hectic day today. We were politley reminded we had to leave the hotel when they called to ask if we needed help with our bags at 12pm. Manic packing- over slept- why does it not all fit back in the bag- I havent bought anything and the bag hasnt shrunk!

Finally got out and argued the bill.


Charging for phone calls that we hadnt made. This is where I realised that we have started arguing over sums that back home equate to about 40p. Anyway we hadnt made a local call so why should we pay for it?

Scam Rating 4/10

The hotel looked after our bags and we tried to scout out some lunch. On the way back this guy on a motorbike stopped us and asked if we'd be interested in a FREE PRIZE DRAW.


That old chestnut TIMESHARE. We opened our prize scratch cards and sure enough Kate had won the top prize- a holiday for two! (I won 2 t-shirts - arse). To claim we had to get in a cab- which the guy had paid for and go to this resort hotel on Baga Beach. If something is to good to be... (How does that go?). So we arrived at the resort and sure enough we had won the two week accomodation, but first we had to sit thru at least 60 mins of promotional guff. We checked the time and got on with it. As a result we have a voucher for 2 weeks 5 star accomodation in goa, bali, thailand or australia, and severley pissed off the resort rep.

Incidenatlly they had run out of t-shirts so we got a free dolphin trip instead (result!).

Finally on checking the terms and conditions we will have to pay $80 and sit thru another sales presentation when we arrive...

Scam Rating 3/10

We reckon we'll take the free accomodation in Oz on the Gold coast - yippeeee!!

Our new accomodation beckoned and on arrival was all we remembered.

Saturday night is famous in Goa for the night Bazaar in Anjuna. It runs from sundown to sun up. We thought it sounded cool, but couldnt figure a good way to get there and back..

Turns out our lovely accomodation also rented scooters, so screwing our courage to the sticking place we bravely ventured forth. The task was made doubly difficult as neither of us had ever been on one, and we'd be riding pillion (ie kate was on the back). Coupled with the fact we didnt really know where we were going and the lights didnt really work and driving out here is insane to say the least- it's a miracle we got there in one piece. But arrive we did- took about 10 minutes to dry off (fear sweat) and headed in.

What a place! Bigger that a football field and filled with stalls selling all the wonders of india, all vieing for attention. Kate went for some Reiki, we had new age energy drinks, popcorn and sushi (again!). At the end of the night Kate was ecstatic to find a culinary delight we haven seen since leaving england (in the land of spice)- a baked potato with cheese.

We didnt really buy anything (since our bags are already full!) so we soaked up the atmosphere and headed home.

Quite a day.


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