Nick » Hi guys - just been looking at your photos & reminiscing about Thailand and Laos. What are you guys up to now? Nick -
Nick. » SAH1I
Lisa Emms » Loved reading Bikaner camel experience - I did a week in October - could have gone on for longer, I enjoyed every second. Now back home Greece, and work and dreaming of retrning to India
Groovy Brown » Ay-oop The Duck! Jus bin havin a perusal thru yer antix. First class! Hope u'r havin mor luk with the Ozzie job scene than I did: 3 mths selling accidental death insurance to hicks! Take care dude!
al » Email should be fine- I mean come on- she's with me!! Not sure whats going on there- you using
Tim » Kate, are you guys ok, as your email (yahoo) account is bouncing back....or are you just clubbing in Sydney and cant be bothered to check you mail
Dee » All sounds wonderful. I'm gonna save reading about Singapore until tomorrow and looking forward to more. Huge big love to both of you.
kate » Hi Dee - these have been in our draft box for ages - finally got round to loading them up with pictures - Sydney coming before the end of the week x x x
Dee » Hoorah. Updates coming thick and fast now. Good to hear from you guys... plus I have been avoiding work all morning, so this is helping tremendously!
AM » make sure that you go to that bar in sydney where you get indecent with the 50 year old bloke
Fia & Oscar » We are so back to normal aigan, working as hell, so we can travel agian, our planes, as itīs look now is a 8 month trip next year!! Need something to look forward to. Take care!! F & O
Dee » It's bad enough that we are stuckin the office and that the weather is crap, but no updates to divert us from our dreary jobs either... tut, tut.
Ro - Bristol » Get on with the updates - you are seriously slacking! It's been more than a month now. People need to hear all your news
Sarah » That's a serious lack of updates! Since you last updated, we've had our summer and are now coming into autumn so don't feel bad about the weather! Speak soon, Fanny xxxx
marj xx » Hello it was great to speak to you on Friday - how did it go? mislaid your telephone number - need an up to date email! have just printed off weblog for jess!
Elle » hey you 2, hope your both luving Sydney, its such a great city, we;ll be there soon ish horray! Take care & have fun x
Ad's and Claire » Hope everything goes well with finding a flat and jobs in sydney.... All the best from Canada
Karin & Tobias » Hey guys! How are yo doing in Sydney, yo love it dont't yo? We're in Ko Chang, sa beautiful, and pure, nearly no turist at all, but only 12 days before we going home.Your website is so good!Take care!
Kate » Hope that's my pink bits Barry!great to see you on line x x x
alistair » Many appologies for Barry everyone
barry and elle » Hi big boy and wet girl. It's been a long time since I've tasted your love juices xxx. You may have guessed, it's Barry. Hope you are both well . Kisses on your pink bits. Nice one Bruvva...
Nancy&Jan » Happy Birthday Kate. Have a fab day. We'll have a drink to you tonight!! Lots of love Nancy and Jan
MD » Happy Birthday Kate. Hope it's nice.
Sue and Ian » HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE - wish we were there to raise a glass!! Have a great day. Much love Sue and Ian
riad » hello
Nick M » Nice to see Kate looking lovely as ever in that Bed Supper Club! I hope you two are still having fun!
Keith Goddard » Just started hailstoning here!!
Keith Goddard » Hi Kate & Al sorry not in touch and lost your email with the link -crap excuse. picture look fab, hope things are better than you wished for. Feel free to email if you want. lots of love K&H
Al and Ruth » From Al in Milton Keynes - Chau Doc - last time I was there a Viet Cong mortar shell exploded a few freet frommy sleeping head! Glad you had a more peaceful visit -have fun, love from Al and Ruth
Kate » Oh my god! can't belive your in Brighton. Row- when are you coming to see me? El- how are your travel plans going? Missing you both. Rob's tuna sounds pretty good as we've just started a fast!!!
Elle and Rowan B » Rob came to the beach too - he brought tuna with him!
Elle and Rowan B » Ro and Elle here in Brighton. Sun shining - drinking beer on beach. We love you and miss you. xx
Marj » am assuming they should be OK on an intrepid tour - Kate said get the brochure (for me) which I did - and Jess was the one who got organised!!
Marj » loved the pix - sorry I sent last message blank - anyway Jess off to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand despite my nervousness about her and her dippy friend Sophie - both 18 and untravelled!
Shirley » Kate, still enjoying the reading, the photos's are great.
Shirley » Kate, still enjoying the reading, the photos's are great.
Al Straughanj » Kate and Al - greetings from the "other Al" - Ruth's husband. What a wonderful record of a wonderful trip. Your Vietnam segment is particularly interesting. You have a good attitude toward the "museum
kate » Well - what can I say they'll promise you anything here! I have also noticed that spelling is optional in Asia countries so i've decided to follow suit or is that suite!
Ad's » A Suite made up in a day???( Hoi An) I'd better tell my employers at DFS. They will be impressed... Kate You'll have to tell your mum that hers may take a bit longer!!!
Vicky » Wow, finally found ur website. Looks cool! Might cu in Cambodia - we leave HCM for PP tom.
Kate's Mum » Kate flowers still beautiful seeing Sheils S. for easter will book our trip in Peterborough.Looking forward to seeing you both in Aus. July? Missing you love mum.xxxxx
Sarah » Kate, count me in for the shopping - when are we going?! Al, I have visions of you after the trek - very similar to the photo of Adam in Thailand! Keep it coming xx
Sue » keep it as it is please! Hmmm, nice spider! xxx
kate » Alisitar and I are having a debate about the usability of this site. Currently, entries do not read chronologically, we could change it but it menas more scrolling! - what do you think?
Sarah » Can't believe you went to Bangkok and didn't go to Patpong - what delights you missed out on there...keep the updates coming - I love 'em! xx
Sue » Eats Shoots and Leaves - a book about necessary and unnecessary punctuation!! A motorbike when you get home???!!!!!!!! xx
Natalia » in English so was very excited to have two Kiwis on a tour with me today. Come to think of it, probably talked too much and terrified them, but never mind. Keep the updates going xxx
Natalia » Hi you two - made it to Chile in one piece and already things that shouldnt happen to a nice girl like me have. Check your email for stories. Am having amazing time but went for 3 days without talking
Samppa » my email:
al » havent found tescos yet... I will keep looking
Ad's » Al if you're in koh samui.... check out the reggae bar.... probably the best club on samui...Also have you found Tescos yet???
Kat » around phi phi is also meant to be good. Great exercise (my arms were killing me!) but really peaceful and a good way to see all the scenery.
Kat » Ko Phi Phi is amazing. We loved it. Never got time to do 'the beach" tour on the neighbouring island but its meant to be v.good. Also if you get a chance do a kayacking tour (we did ours in Samumi but
Ad's » Enjoy the sang som!!!!!
Dee » A WWF wrestler? That would be the fearsome "Duckanator" would it?
Sue » 2 rucksacks each then, to carry all the new toys!! Happy diving xx
Jim » I look forward to seeing you in Melbourne guys. You'll feel at home here - all the taxi drivers are Indian and don't know where they are going!
Hayden » all sounds very exciting but more importantly; what are indian trucks like????
Dee » It's Sunday morning in the UK and I have just read your latest entries. Better than reading the Sunday papers. Looking forward to the next installment... you jammy buggers!
Ad's » http://www.into-asia .com/bangkok/taxi/fa res.php
Ad's » Useful reading at
Ad's » Enjoy Khoa san Road... If you fancy a bit of luxury go for a suite at the Royal River hotel in Bangkok on the river (DUH)about Ģ50a night but HUGE room with a HUGE balcony and your own bar!!
Surinder &Mum » Ji Kate I am inSaltdean at last. Anyway, it is nice to know you enjoyed so much. I am rom Panjab and you must come with me somtimes! Take care. love from mum who is besides me!
Scott » Having read about bikaner - Alistair, a wool making machine is called a sheep.
Scott » Quick update for you guys and anyone else listening. Marriage is off, not sure why. Waiting for a letter in the post to explain. No questions please. To painful at the mo. X
kate » couldnt work in Varanasi and Rajistaan- next time I think!
kate » Adam- Auroville is now there in all it's glory- sorry for the delay!
alistair » oops- there they are...
alistair » Where have all the messages gone???
Alex » very, very cool. am so jealous of you guys sounds like you're getting the full on India experience. The taj is even better than you think it's gonna be and get yourself to Varanasi - total head blowin
Ad's » But what about Auroville?????You build us up and leave us waiting for more!!!!Good to hear your tales!!!Keep up the good work and keep smiling
marj » your schedule. Is Al convinced yet that people are more interesting than technology?? keep it up - it's great fun for armchair travellers too. xxxx
marj » hello both! how are the snot levels? interested in all the phlegm stories, obviously but great to hear about your train experiences too! It's what everyone says, you have the best times when you go
marj » hello both! how are the snot levels? interested in all the phlegm stories, obviously but great to hear about your train experiences too! It's what everyone says, you have the best times when you go
Sarah » Alistair - carrying Kate's rucksack already? I thought that was a definte no no!
Scott » You just have so much fun guys...Still have not said whether you will be around.....xx
Mum [and Tish] » Have now read ALL your diary! Love it: Can feel it ,smell it,hear it Alistair :can't wait to hear more scams.Will try them in Brighton and let you know!!!! With Love
Mum » Due to the wonders of technology [Christian emailing a friend of mine and resorting to texting your site address]I am here reading it! Yes your mother.!So that should have clean up your messages!
Sue » Glad to read of interaction with the natives - was beginning to think there were no Indians in India - what nice people! I know what you mean about the yoga Kate!!
Natalia » All this talk of cock problems, shaving, gameboy positions, long entry, blacked out windows...what kind of holiday is this?
Ian » Didn't spend in the mall ! You really are taking this seriously ! You have also stopped talking about the loos - your standards must be dropping.
Scott » What a palava. Guys I will be going to Oz on 31st March. Poss stops in Dubbai and Singapore. Are you anywhere near at any point. Melborne is my final dest but you are not gonna be there yet are you.
alistair » 'gameboy position' is the position I play my gameboy in, ie, siting in a chair, on the balcony, facing the sea...
Sarah » Mmmm, Connex - brings back such happy memories! Al, if you do write the book, we can sell yours and mine as a coffee table set! XXX
MD » those trains sound really interesting, by the way...
MD » youll be down to a grade one soon enough. its just so manageable! told you so. i dont think kate will look so good with a grade one though. although... glad youre having a top time.
Ian » Keep it coming - and tell us more about the game boy position !!
Nick » SCAM TEN - get made redundant 3 months before your mates and cane the cash on a flash holiday. And then make sure they can read all about it while they're still stuck at Mothercare! Scam rating 10/10.
Natalia » Love it. First thing on a Monday and I hear your stories of beautiful palm beaches blah blah whilst I look out on a sea of dull people,rain,umbrella s and scaffolding!
alistair » rowan- good idea- I'll do one of those
Rowan B » Al, will you be writing a booked called 'great scams I have known' when you get back?? I'm loving the rating system! Is there any way we can have a route map & dates to work out when to come see you
Rowan B » Al, will you be writing a booked called 'great scams I have known' when you get back?? I'm loving the rating system! Is there any way we can have a route map & dates to work out when to come see you
Ad's » its official you are a googled!! Type in kateandal in google and see what happens!!! Keep up the good work!
Leanne » Hi sounds that you are having a great time. Happy New Year. Tell Kate to stop exciting the locals and cover up.
Grant » Happy New Year. Enjoy. Envy Rating 10/10.
Scott » Well it sounds as though you are having the time of your life. Wish I was there with you, still we'll see each other in 6 months. Even if you cannot make Thailand I will be in Oz the week after.
Scott » Hi guys. Sod the Gold coast. You can use your accomodation tickets in Thailand when you come to my wedding.
Kat » Hiya you two. Happy New year. It is mad out there but sounds like you are handling yourself just fine. Its amazing how quickly you get used to the scam signs. you'll be haggling pros in no time... x
Tracey » Happy New Year to you both! Sorry I didn't get to see you to wish you well b4 you left! Anyways, fantastic reading here! LOVE the scams! More please! Happy travels xx
Natalia » Hi you two - sounds like you're having an amazing time. What a way to start the year. Keep up the v entertaining instalments. PS have you heard Scott's news...???